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Shacklocks Second Opinion

Taking advice but not sure if it is good advice? Need a second opinion?

Most of us will need to rely on a professional or expert at some time in our business or personal life – it may be financial, legal, medical, insurance, property, or other professional or expert advice. When we do, it is critical that we get the best advice. But how do we know that it’s the best advice?

It may be that you feel that you are not getting the best advice possible, or that the advice has not been given to you clearly using terminology you understand. It may be that you don’t know what options are open to you or how strong or weak your case is. Perhaps you just want to know where you stand but can’t keep asking the same questions. You may feel that you are financially or emotionally committed to a course of action which you cannot control. It may be that you have been involved in failed negotiations or that your advisers are entrenched and you can see no way out. You may feel that you are spending a lot of time and effort getting nowhere or that your case has reached a stalemate and a fresh approach could move things on.

We all see things differently – even your adviser. In life and in business very little is black or white.

The Shacklocks Second Opinion Service

At Shacklocks, we have developed our Second Opinion Service for life's grey areas. A second opinion can bring fresh ideas to a tired subject. Your concerns may be about legal, financial, insurance or medical advice, or the advice of any other professional. It may involve relationship breakdown, work conflict, business disputes. It may be something you think you should have been told or something you think should have been done.

We will look at your papers, set out the issues clearly, explain the terminology and procedures involved, examine the options, even come up with some new ideas if we can. Take a fresh approach, help you find solutions, and give you a second opinion.

What about my existing adviser?

We know it is a hard decision to question the people you rely on, but professional judgement is something very special. If your existing adviser is a professional then they will understand that there are times when it can be helpful for a client to consider a second opinion. If they are not professional, then the qualifications, training, and experience we have to offer can give you reassurance. Shacklocks will not act for you in a dispute while you have another adviser, but we can quite properly and professionally give you a second opinion. We do not need to notify your existing advisers unless you would like us to take your case further for you. In some cases, where your case involves some special expertise, we can even work alongside your existing adviser.

What will it cost?

We understand that you will not want to expose yourself to unlimited costs. We know it must be daunting to contemplate approaching a different adviser. Our Second Opinion Service is simple and accessible and is provided for a fixed fee which we will agree with you before we carry out any work.

Who do I Contact?

Clare McShane, Partner, Employment and Litigation Clare McShane

Partner, Employment and Litigation

Tel: 01623 626141

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