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Case Study

Race Discrimination

Our client had worked for many years for a large national organisation working his way to a senior role. Over the course of his employment, our client felt that he was being treated less favourably than his colleagues in a number of ways and he was often subjected to nicknames and references associated with his ethnic origin.

Our client felt that he received lesser benefits than colleagues in equal or lower positions and that his knowledge and experience of the organisation and the industry they were in were not recognised by his employer.

When his employer undertook a restructuring exercise our client was given a grander job title but he felt that this was a sham; in fact, his role had been reduced and this would actually be a much less senior position than he had before the restructure. Our client then applied for a different post in the Company. He felt that he was a strong candidate for the job, but he was unsuccessful and the job was given to a colleague.

Finally, he came to Shacklocks. We made a claim for race discrimination against his employer. His employer settled the case before it reached the Employment Tribunal and our client received a substantial compensation payment running to tens of thousands of pounds.